The Crimes of Donald Trump

Should a person who has never visited the United States or have any notions about the country’s history read, watch or listen to any of the mainstream news outlets, he or she would be justified in thinking that Donald Trump is the second coming of Adolf Hitler or worse and that he, by dint of an unholy alliance with Russia, managed to steal the election making him an illegitimate president. All right then, let us take the charges at face value and see what exactly are the crimes attributed to the alleged miscreant.

6. He is politically incorrect.- This charge resonates especially with those living in the fantasy world of Barack Obama, those who would never call an illegal immigrant anything else but “undocumented” arguing that “people are never illegal” and would go through heroic language extremes to avoid calling terrorism “Islamic”, preferring to refer to it as “workplace violence”, “religious extremism” or whatever they can come up with in order to shift the blame away from Islam and preferably onto Christians or Jews. They are now cringing because illegals are once again called “illegals” and “Islamic terrorism” is once again called by its proper name.

5. Not a fan of free trade.– This cuts across both aisles. Trump referred to NAFTA as a “disaster” and voiced his opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Free traders in both parties raised loud howls of dismay. The question that should be asked is: “What benefits have US workers derived from NAFTA, except to see factories close and jobs go overseas? If the salaries in country A average $25 and salaries in country B average $3 and both countries agree to trade with each other free of tariffs, how long would it take for the manufacturers in country A to realize that by moving their factories to country B their expenses would plummet and profits soar? Add to it high corporate taxes in country A and a stampede of factories and jobs is the result. One of the provisions of the now defunct TPP agreement was for the retraining of US workers “affected” (read fired) as a result of the treaty. It does not take a degree from an Ivy League university to see it, but that is precisely what the holders of those degrees advocate.

4. Puts America first.- This irks the open border crowd and the globalists. In contrast to Obama, who acted as is he were President of the World and elected to redistribute America’s “ill-gotten” wealth, Trump has indicated very clearly that he is the President of the United States, not the world and that America’s interest should go first. Enough of squandering our blood and wealth in never ending conflicts that neither advance our interests or benefit us in any way. We cannot continue to import poverty or acting as a safety valve for countries that not only neglect their citizens but actively encourage them to come to the US illegally because they know that we would take care of them. Charity begins at home. We have a large number of unemployed and of people just making it month to month, and as for criminal aliens, we already have enough native criminals, we do not need any more. We also cannot take the chance of importing terrorism by opening our doors indiscriminately and without proper vetting to anyone who wants to come here. Like it or not, terrorism is a feature of Islam, and if certainly not all Muslims are terrorists, the fact remains that all terrorist are Muslim.

Another item of concern is his unwillingness to designate Putin and Russia as our “arch enemies” as the Neocons want. Just before the Super Bowl, while interviewing Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly asked him whether he respected Putin. When Trump answered “Yes” O’Reilly immediately fired “Why?” The obvious answer? “Because he has nuclear weapons, that’s why” Except that was not his answer to a really dumb question. One presently troubling fact of our NATO membership is Article 5, which stipulates that all members should come to the defense of any member who comes under attack. That was good and proper when NATO was created to serve as a deterrent to a Soviet attack but now, after the demise of the USSR and NATO’s encroachment into clearly Russian spheres of influence, the question is: Do we want to risk nuclear war over Estonia?

3. He keeps his campaign promises.– This is practically unheard of in Washington, where after the elections are over, campaign promises are gone with the wind.

2. He is not “presidential”.- Why? Because he uses his Twitter account? The mainstream press is particularly miffed by this. They have since time immemorial acted as purveyors and filters of what news the public at large is allowed to have. Remember the hatchet job they did on G. W. Bush? Or when Trump restored Winston Churchill’s bust to the Oval Office and certain press outlets falsely claimed that he had removed MLK’s bust to do it? In the past it would have taken weeks to refute the story and by then, the damage would have been done. Now, this political neophyte bypassed the press, fired a Tweet and in less that 24 hours the story was demolished and the press shown up as liars. How about Rachael Maddow licking her chops as she waved a copy of Donald Trump’s illegally obtained partial tax return? The folks at MSNBC were so sure they had a smoking gun that they neglected to first examine it. The smoking gun turned out to be a dud and they looked like fools while Trump had a field day on Tweeter. The “presidential” ship sailed with Obama taking “selfies” at a state funeral or being interviewed by a girl sitting in a milk bath full of Fruit Loops or with Bill Clinton’s inability to keep his pants on in the Oval Office.

1. And now his most egregious crime.- His capital crime, the one for which he has been condemned to eternal damnation by the Church of Progressivism? He won an election he was supposed to lose. The Progressives still cannot reconcile themselves to this and what stings the most is that their defeat was at the hands of the great unwashed who inhabit the flyover country, populated by “bitter people who cling to their religion and their guns” as Obama, the High Priest of Elitism, put it. The fact that this collection of “homophobes”, “racists”, “Islamophobes” and “deplorables” in general ignored the edicts of the bicoastal elites and decided to defy their “betters” still smarts. Since they are the keepers of the truth, then their loss must be attributed to cheating and therefore, they concocted a Russian bogeyman who colluded with Trump to hack the DNC e-mails and spread disinformation. In spite of the fact that there is no shred of evidence of Russian hacking or interfering with any election returns and that Wikileaks has never been proven to be wrong, they continue to repeat the charge. As Joseph Goebbels put it “a lie constantly repeated becomes truth in the minds of people” And as far as DNC security risks were concerned? How about Hillary Clinton’s unapproved and basically unsecured servers in her bathroom? Hackers have broken into the Pentagon; does anybody doubt that her servers were hacked? They lost because they ran an old, corrupt and unlikable candidate with the personality of a dead fish and the warmth of an ice floe who apparently forgot that elections are won on the Electoral College. She traveled many times to California and New York on fund raisers. How many times did she visit the battleground states? Zero. In contrast, how many times did Trump visit them? She counted on her “blue line”, which turned out to be the political equivalent of the Maginot Line.


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  1. Amerigo Vespucci

    you left out the actual crimes: 1. housing discrimination, 2. sexual harassment, 3. tax evasion, 4. billion dollar defaults on public money, 5. bankrupting the USFL, 6. his hairdo, 7. treason

    but yeah, keep living in your little fiction where Trump’s biggest offense is something he said, while ignoring what he has done for his entire career. it’s hilarious to watch all of you government-hating conservatives line up to kiss the ring of this corrupt plutocrat; and by hilarious I mean disgusting.

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