Report From The Camp of the Saints

Jean Raspail is a French writer and world traveler, the son of factory manager Octave Raspiel and Marguerite Chaix, born July 5th 1925 at Chemille-sur-Deme, which makes him 90 years old. In 1973 he published a dystopian novel called “The Camp of the Saints” (1) in which he predicted the collapse of Western Civilization as a consequence of sudden and unchecked mass migrations from the poorest and most uneducated parts of the world.

The Camp of the Saints begins in Calcutta, India, when the Belgian government announces a new policy in which Indian babies will be adopted and raised in Belgium; the Belgian consulate is overwhelmed with poverty stricken parents, resulting in a very quick reversal of the policy. An Indian leader, an untouchable dung collector, emerges and rallies the masses and directs them to the takeover of old, rusty tramp steamers and starts a mass sailing towards Europe in some 100 overcrowded, filthy, old, condemned ships carrying a total estimated at 1 million souls in appalling conditions. Eventually some 800,00 arrive at Cannes, on the French Riviera, after having lost hundreds of thousands on the way. The French take them in in spite of not being in condition to do so; the immigrants have no desire or inclination to assimilate into French society and culture but do want the goods and benefits that France has to offer. At the end, the immigrants spread all over Europe, with Switzerland being the only holdout; eventually, after international pressure is put on the Swiss by isolating Switzerland as a “rogue state” for not opening its borders, they capitulate and Western Civilization comes to an end. The mayor of New York City is forced to share Gracie Mansion with three families from Harlem and the Queen of England is forced to agree to have her son marry a Pakistani woman; in the Soviet Union, one lone drunken soldier stands in the way of thousands upon thousands of Chinese swarming into Siberia.

The Camp of the Saints is a work of fiction but the reality of today is that Europe is being overwhelmed by hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants who not only ask for refuge but demand it, sometimes in violent fashion and whose ultimate goal is not Greece, Italy or Eastern Europe, but Germany, France, England and the Northern Scandinavian countries, the choicest plums on the European welfare tree. The European Union, in their usual arbitrary way, decreed that the migrants were to be absorbed by quotas; Hungary, Croatia and most of the Eastern European nations have so far refused, risking the wrath of Brussels. In an inexplicably suicidal move, Germany has agreed to take in as many as 1 million, a decision perhaps triggered by the 70-year old incessant hammering of the notion of war guilt into German heads.

What makes the present situation more dire is what has already happened and is still happening in Europe. Sweden has the fastest growing share of Muslims and also the highest rate of rape (2) in Europe, with 69 rape cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 2011. The risk of being raped in Sweden is one in four. Sweden has 75,000 crimes a year in a population of 9.5 million. In neighboring Norway, 100% of all rapes in the past five years in Oslo were committed by immigrants from “non-western countries” In Stavanger, a major Norwegian city, 90% of rapes were committed by immigrants.

Rochdale is a suburb of Greater Manchester in NW England. On 9th May, 2012, Melanie Phillips, of The Daily Mail (3) broke the story of a cover up involving decades of sexual violence against young white girls. Nine men were convicted of organized sexual crimes ranging from rape to sex trafficking. The gang lured some 47 girls aged 12 to 16 with gifts, alcohol and drugs before passing them around to have sex with several men a day, several times a week. The authorities had evidence that all this was going on as long ago as l991. The social services department under whose care these girls were living, and the police, turned a blind eye because these men were all Muslims: eight of them from Pakistan and one from Afghanistan. The Times reported that 50 of the 56 men convicted in 17 street-grooming prosecutions from 13 Northern towns and cities were Muslims. All this pain and suffering could have been avoided if the authorities had acted as soon as the facts were known, but because in politically correct Britain no criticism is allowed to be made of religious or ethnic identities, the authorities were paralyzed.

Some 104,460 asylum seekers arrived in Germany in August and that makes 413,535 registered refugees coming to Germany in 2015 so far, with the country expecting around 800,000 to a million migrants. Police unions and women’s rights groups have accused the authorities of playing down or suppressing reports of harassment, sexual assaults and even rape in refugee centers because of fears of a backlash against Muslim migrants.

The apologists for the migrant absorption plans draw parallels to the huge refugee crisis that ensued as an aftermath of WW II and on the surface, the comparison seems valid, but on closer examination it becomes apparent that it is a case of comparing apples to oranges. The millions of persons displaced after 1945 were not aliens to the continent; they were all Europeans, albeit of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds, diverse religions and languages but who, nevertheless, were native to the continent and who practiced, in one version or another, a common Christian religion. In contrast, the hundreds of thousands of refugees coming not only from Syria but also from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and North Africa not only are not native to Europe, but come from Islamic societies where non-Muslims are despised and women are considered to be worthless. The news channels and other news sources are full of images of rickety boats crammed with women and children desperately trying to get ashore and are presented as proof of the scope of the humanitarian tragedy taking place in the Mediterranean; closer examination, however, shows that following those opening videos, there are many others of boat after boat full of young men of military age and therein lies the problem, for the majority of these young men, full of ideas of Islamic supremacy are loath to assimilate into European society and will not accept European values.

Many people have migrated from continent to continent as the huge number of Germans, Irish and Italians who traveled to America and Australia at the end of the 19th and beginnings of the 20th centuries demonstrated and who have assimilated into American and Australian societies to such an extent that it is well nigh impossible to distinguish them today from the original settlers. This is not the case with the present tidal wave of Muslim refugees overwhelming Europe and which shows no signs of subsiding.

Historically, ever since its inception and after the conquest of Persia and all of North Africa, Islam has repeatedly tried to overwhelm Europe. They invaded and conquered Spain in 711, spread into France until they were decisively defeated at Tours-Poitiers in 732 and launched attacks on Rome, most notably in 843, 846 and 849 In 1453 they succeeded in capturing Constantinople and put an end to the Byzantine empire and plunged Greece into a dark age; in 1565 the Ottomans laid siege to the island of Malta where, against all odds, they were defeated. Undaunted, the Turks launched a massive fleet to attack the West and only the combined efforts of the Holy League managed to defeat it at Lepanto in 1571 The last Islamic incursion occurred as late as 1683 when the Ottoman Turks laid siege to Vienna, the gateway to the rest of Europe; only the timely appearance of the Polish king Jan Sobieski prevented the collapse of Vienna. The Turks were routed and never came back.

Europe today is no longer the strong and vibrant continent it was once; exhausted by two world wars and undermined by pernicious ideologies, it is presently engaged in a death spiral; its birth rate is below replacement numbers and now it is faced with a wave of not thousands, but potentially millions of immigrants who do not share or even respect European traditions and who will eventually overwhelm the native populations.

There is indeed a humanitarian crisis and most immigrants are people who have been caught between a rock and a hard place but it is good to bear in mind that ISIS has already warned us that they have planted their fighters in Europe and they will not rest until they have taken Rome.

The triggers to this upheaval are the Syrian civil war and the rise of the loathsome and barbaric Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and both are self inflicted wounds rooted in the concept of nation building going all the way back to WW I and the Sykes-Picot (4) agreement which created the present-day Middle East map and a whole passel of artificial nations; we assumed that Western-style freedoms and democracy are ideas that can be transplanted anywhere much as a farmer transplants a tree and now we see both concepts blowing up in our faces. We learned nothing from what happened in Afghanistan after the Soviets withdrew; had we maintained a presence then, instead of bolting out as soon as possible, there is a good chance that the Taliban might have not come to power as it did. We, both the US and NATO, removed Saddam Hussein from Iraq, tried and executed him. Opinions vary on the wisdom or lack thereof of the Iraq invasion, but it is certain that our hasty and premature withdrawal created the vacuum that gave birth to ISIS; we insisted on the departure of Mubarak from Egypt and opened the door for the Muslim Brotherhood. We drove Khaddafi from Libya and now the nation is in chaos. Our latest song and dance centers on the refrain “Assad must go!” without even asking the logical question: “After Assad, then who?”

ISIS represents the greatest existential threat to our civilization, even greater than the hordes that threatened Europe in centuries past but instead of recognizing it as such, we, in the West, are preoccupied with such idiocies as global warming and cultural diversity. Europe is being invaded and we, in America, are next and if anyone doubts it, there are plans to bring in some 10,000 Syrian refugees into the U.S. We have waged a bombing campaign on ISIS targets without making a dent on that savage organization. If we really want to help the hundred of thousands of refugees, the only way is to bomb ISIS back to the Stone Age, destroy them utterly and unpalatable as it might be, we ultimately will have to send in troops with a simple rule of engagement: Find ISIS and kill ISIS. We need to turn the word ISIS into a synonym for dead meat.







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