The Never Ending Blame Game

The Never Ending Blame Game

The funeral of Kate Steinle took place yesterday in a private ceremony; her body was laid to rest but the controversy generated by her murder shows no sign of subsiding and it should not subside. She was fatally shot -allegedly- by an illegal alien who had five previous deportations and seven prior felony convictions who had been transferred to the San Francisco authorities by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, which had placed a detainer on the alien, requesting that they be notified prior to his release. Because San Francisco is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, and the authorities there refuse to cooperate with immigration officials, they released Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez, an illegal Mexican national, ignoring the ICE detainer request. The paths of Mr Lopez Sanchez and Ms Steinle crossed on the walkway of Pier 14 when he, accidentally or otherwise, shot Ms Steinle in the torso as she and her father strolled on the famed pier. She collapsed, still alive, crying out to her father “Dad, help me”…”Dad, don’t let me die” words that no father should have to hear.

Kate Steinle’s murder has brought front and center the twin issues of illegal immigration and the existence of “sanctuary cities” With a speed that would make any person dizzy, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer tried to distance themselves from the consequences of the immigration policies they had advocated for decades. There was a flurry of finger pointing and blame shifting among ICE, the Mayor of San Francisco and the Sheriff, each trying very hard to justify the insane policies that resulted in the death of a very accomplished, generous and beautiful young lady who most certainly did not deserve to have her life cut short at its prime.

Tragically, Kate’s death is not unique; there is a whole litany of Americans who have been killed by illegal aliens, be it by shooting, robbery or as a consequence of being run down by drunk drivers. Just look it up in the Internet if you doubt it. Be aware, though, that the PC shock troops will immediately label as “racist” and “bigoted” anyone who brings up the question of illegal immigration, the usual way they deflect any criticism of their policies.

Kate’s death and the death of many other Americans are consequences of the policies that create sanctuary cities for those who cross our southern border illegally. Kate was killed not just by an illegal alien; the blame is thick enough to spread evenly on both parties, on those who see the illegals as a source of cheap labor and on those who see them as future votes for the party which will provide them with citizenship. But ultimately, there is a real culprit: the voters. Those people who enact the absurd ordinances that create sanctuary cities and release criminal aliens did not attain their positions by themselves; they were put there through the votes of an electorate either too brainwashed or too apathetic to care. Elections have consequences, whether they are regional or national. Kate and many other Americans are dead because we have elected government and city officials who want to “transform America” and they have these “feel good” policies and see the US as an instrument of exploitation of the poor and huddled masses; after all, according to them, are we not living in Texas, Arizona and California? Did we not “steal” them from Mexico?

It is important to understand that not all illegal aliens are criminals, not in the strictest sense of the word; most are people caught in the web of survival, the pawns of the corrupt Mexican government which will rather export their surplus populations to the northern nation willing to accept them. Unfortunately, the time has come for us to realize that we simply cannot continue to be Mexico’s safety valve which prevents a revolution there. It is also time to understand that the border has become a war zone controlled by the Mexican drug cartels on one side and opposed by an undermanned and unsupported Border Patrol on our side. Enough is enough and we have to take control of our borders; however, first we have to understand what it is that we want our politicians to do. Those open borders people are in power because we put them there; the loonies in the San Francisco City Council, the Mayor and the Sheriff are there because we put them there; Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are there because we put them there, Barack Obama and his minions are there because we put them there and if we are to take back the country, we have to have an electorate that knows and understands what the real issues are: secure borders, realization of the damage that illegal immigration does to the country and the importance of getting our manufacturing jobs back.

Kate Steinle died as a result of a gunshot, but ultimately, we are all responsible for her death, by our choices and our lack of attention. Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez just pulled the trigger.

Rest in peace Kate. We failed you.


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