Muammar Gaddafi….miss him yet?

On April 30th the headlines were full of the story of a ship lost at sea off the coast of Libya carrying as many as 900 people trying to reach Europe. All are feared lost.

On May 5th, dozens of overloaded rubber boats and rickety fishing vessels sent by human traffickers were intercepted by European authorities. Between Friday 1st and Sunday 3rd, some 7000 people were rescued.

Last year, about 219,000 refugees and migrants crossed the Mediterranean and at least some 3500 died in the attempt. Most migrants come to Europe through Italy; after all, the small Italian island of Lampedusa is closer to Tunisia than to Sicily and the authorities there are overwhelmed by the unchecked influx of refugees.

The migrants come from as far away as Syria but mostly from North and sub-Sahara Africa. They congregate in Libya, a center of lawlessness and a haven for rings of human smugglers and then  are herded into overcrowded and unsafe vessels at the Libyan ports of Zarawah and Zawiya. Saharan tribes, such as Tuaregs and Tebus, battle each other for control of the lucrative human trade. 

Zarawah and Zawiya in Tripolitania and Benghazi in Cyrenaica have long been notorious centers for the traffic of migrants into Europe. As an aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq and the subsequent change of Gaddafi’s behavior and disposal of his nuclear armament, Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair, in 2007, signed an accord with the Libyan leader in an attempt to help transition Gaddafi from the role of pariah into one of more or less respectability. Among the accord’s provisions, Gaddafi agreed to curtail people smuggling; later on, he made a similar agreement with Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi. Unintended consequences being what they are, the accords prompted the Zawarians to rise against Gaddafi because he had destroyed their source of income, not because they yearned for some sort of democracy.

It was at this point that the Arbiters of the World came together and decided that it was time for Gaddafi to go. Latching on to something they dubbed The Arab Spring, they bombed and decimated Gaddafi’s forces. In October 2011, Gaddafi was captured, tortured and executed, in living color, to the delighted squeal of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It was unfortunate for the Arbiters that things did not go according to script. Libya collapsed into anarchy and lawlessness.

   Under Gaddafi, Libya was a mercantile haven and thus became a magnet for the Northern and sub-Saharan Africans who flocked there; presently, it has become the focal point for human smuggling, a very profitable trade carried out by Libyan militias, tribesmen, bandits and law-enforcement officials; the collapse of the Libyan economy and the race between the militias and tribesmen to find sources of money to finance their internal wars provide ample fuel for the brazen traffic in human misery.

The Middle East is in an almost frenzy-like state of turmoil, much of it because of the incredibly inept US foreign policy, fashioned by President Obama and his triumvirate of Warrior Amazons Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarred and Susan Rice. The turmoil extends all the way to sub-Sahara Africa and it is reflected in the composition of those fortunate enough to be rescued in the Mediterranean. The carnage in Iraq and the civil war in Syria have displaced millions of people towards Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. There is an estimate of at least 500,000 Syrians ready to go to sea.

The UN estimates that close to a million refugees will eventually reach European shores, mostly poor, uneducated, some illiterate and by necessity, mostly male and if the previous pattern of North African immigration holds, Muslims who do not wish to assimilate into European society but rather, want European society to assimilate into them, with a birth rate that outnumbers the native European population, long steeped into the culture of birth control and abortion.

This would not be the first time that huge population displacements have resulted in the collapse of civilizations. It was the Huns who exerted pressure on the Germanic tribes to move westward into the Roman Empire which created the upheavals that eventually resulted in its collapse. Contrary to popular myths, Rome did not disappear into a sea of flames, rape and pillage; rather, in 477 AD, Odoacer the Herulian, commander of the palace guard, decided that it was time for the boy-emperor, Romulus Augustus, to go. He did not kill him; rather, he sent him away to southern Italy where he lived his days in obscurity. Odoacer did not take the title of emperor but was contented with that of Patrician. He bundled the Western Imperial regalia and sent it to the Eastern Roman emperor, Zeno. Thus ended the Roman Empire of the West. Its citizens did not notice the change.

While on a state visit to Italy in 2010, Gaddafi, always theatrical and bombastic, warned that Europe would turn black unless it was more rigorous in turning back immigrants. While he also advised Europeans to convert to Islam, he also told a Rome meeting: “We don’t know what will be the reaction of the white and Christian Europeans faced with this influx of starving and ignorant Africans. We don’t know if Europe will remain an advanced and united continent or if it will be destroyed, as happened with the barbarian invasions” Contrast this with Hillary Clinton’s stupid and ignorant cackling in a CBS interview while serving as Secretary of State: “We came, we saw, he died” Who is laughing now?

There is a human tragedy unfolding in the African continent and in the waters of the Mediterranean which did not have to happen. The Arbiters of the World decided that it was high time for the little Dutch boy to remove his fingers from the holes in the dam and go home; the water is gushing forth and the dam is about to burst and once it does, all the king’s men and all the king’s horses will not put Humpty Dumpty together again. Unfortunately, the price will be paid in blood, not water. The ISIS savages will be the executioners but the final responsibility lies with the Arbiters who unleashed them.

Want a little preview of the future? On April 16th 2015, Italian police arrested 15 Muslim migrants who threw 12 Christians overboard from a boat. They eventually drowned. The victims were from Nigeria and Ghana. The suspects from the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal.

Gaddafi….miss him yet?



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